May 20, 2006
To boldly bid

It's a Star Trek memorabilia auction at Christie's.

The Oct. 5-7 auction will take place on the 40th anniversary of the debut of the legendary sci-fi television show, which spun off five series and 10 movies.

When informed of the auction a month ago by the head auctioneer at Christie's, "I started laughing. I don't know what other reaction makes sense," said Leonard Nimoy, who immortalized the role of Mr. Spock in the original series.

"I don't think anybody 40 years ago had any idea that it would get this big," Nimoy said. "It was a day-to-day struggle to keep the show on the air, frankly."

The items up for sale, beamed up from the studio archives of CBS Paramount Television, include props, spaceship models and set pieces from every era of Star Trek, said Cathy Elkies, director of special collections for Christie's.

"What makes Star Trek really unique is that there are really several generations of Star Trek fans," Elkies said. "I expect them to be really quite active as buyers."

Yeah, someone's gonna make a fortune off of this. I admit, if I had a few hundred grand lying around with nothing better to do, I'd consider a bid on Captain Kirk's chair. Probably just as well that I can't afford it, since we've noplace to put it anyway. Oh, well.

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