June 02, 2006
What about Bob (Talton)?

The Muse has a host of interesting tidbits concerning the state of the selection process in CD22. The latest buzz:

deal has been reached between three of the four counties involved in selecting Tom DeLay's replacement on the ballot in Congressional District 22 - Harris, Brazoria and Galveston. Who does that leave out? Fort Bend County. Does this explain Gary Gillen's (Fort Bend Republican Party Chair) decision to cancel the scheduled June 8th candidate forum? So who does the rumor mill say is Nick Lampson's opponent:

Robert Talton

Texas state representative, district 144, Pasadena. Gay-obsessed. Ultra-conservative. "My yes is a yes and my no is a no (see my post on last Thursday's candidate forum.)

I won't say a whole lot more on Talton right now since we are at the level of rumor, but I will say that some of my friends have been saying for awhile, "Please let it be Talton! Please let it be Talton!" If that tells you anything.

I just want to say that if Talton is indeed the Chosen One, the first ad by Team Lampson should be more or less as follows::

"Why would you want to replace the worst Congressman in America with one of the worst legislators in Texas?"

Feel free to use that one to your heart's content.

Anyway. There's more good stuff at the link above. We're about a week out from DeLay's official departure from Congress (woo hoo!), but it all gets a little murky after that. Stay tuned.

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You mean "black helicopter" Robert Talton?

Posted by: Dennis on June 2, 2006 6:58 AM