June 02, 2006
Hey, Kay Bailey, how about a debate?

I don't actually ever expect Kay Bailey Hutchison to deign to agree to a debate with Barbara Radnofsky. She just doesn't do that sort of thing. That doesn't mean I can't enjoy a public call from a voter to engage herself in the process. Click the More link for the full letter.

Break the Kay Bailey Hutchison habit!

If Hutchison is confident that she is doing the best job for Texans, if she is certain that the policies she has supported in Congress are in the best interests of her constituents, if she stands behind the legislation during her tenure, and if she has nothing to hide - why not have an open and honest public debate with Barbara Ann Radnofsky?

Kay Bailey has yet to provide a satisfactory answer to this question. From whom, or what, is she hiding? As a Texas voter I deserve the most information possible so that I can make an informed decision on Election Day - a decision that will help lay out the brightest future for me and my fellow citizens.

Why is Kay Bailey denying me that right by refusing to have a debate with her challenger, Barbara Ann Radnofsky? Based on her silence, it seems Hutchison is refusing the debate for one of two reasons: Either she is ashamed of her voting record in the Senate because she knows the well-being of her constituents was not always her top priority, or she does not think the citizens of Texas have the appropriate intellect or judgment to evaluate the best candidate based on their own words.

In the world we live in today, stakes are too high not to hear the two nominees for our Senate seat express their viewpoints and differences side-by-side. Texans deserve no less.

A Republican friend of mine recently admitted that she believes Texans vote for Hutchison out of habit. She acknowledged that even though Kay Bailey is not doing what's best for Texas, she votes for her "because she is a habit - no other reason." If you are a similarly-minded Texan, it's time to break the habit ... or at the very least, demand a non-scripted public debate between the two candidates so we can decide for ourselves if the best path for Texas is to continue a bad habit or embrace a new and optimistic future with Sen. Radnofsky.

Mary E. Harris

Posted by Charles Kuffner on June 02, 2006 to Election 2006 | TrackBack

I guess the answer to Mary and Barbara's question as to why Kay Bailey doesn't want to debate is that Kay has no original ideas of her own to speak of, and is really nothing more than just a lackey for the powers that be in the Republican party. Nothing to defend there, I suppose.

Posted by: Alan W on June 2, 2006 7:18 AM