June 02, 2006
No wedges

From The Red State:

Democratic State Representatives Joaquin Castro (HD-125), Trey Martinez Fischer (HD-116), and Jose Menendez (HD-124) of San Antonio will hold a press conference Friday, June 2nd at 10:00 am to call on Governor Rick Perry and the Republican Party of Texas to stop their election year gimmicks and truly work to solve the problem of illegal immigration.

"It is disrespectful for Rick Perry and the Republican Party to use the immigration debate as a wedge issue to divide Texans," the Democratic Representatives said. "Republicans are clearly split on this issue and have profoundly failed to provide meaningful solutions to the immigration debate. What they claim to be public policy amounts to nothing more than a band-aid approach that deals with the issue symbolically and not realistically."

WHO: Democratic State Representatives Joaquin Castro, Trey Martinez Fischer and Jose Menendez

WHERE: Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center
200 E. Market Street
San Antonio, Texas 78205
(At the corner of Alamo and Market.)

WHEN: Friday June 2, 2006

If anyone here reading this attends, please take pictures.

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