June 13, 2006
DeLay to be investigated for voter fraud in Virginia?

From the DC Political Report, via The Muse:

EXCLUSIVE: Tom DeLay To Be Investigated for Voter Fraud: D.C.'s Political Report has learned that a challenge has been filed with the City of Alexandria's Voter Registrar alleging that former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay's (R-TX) voter registration in Virginia was illegal. The challenge alleges that DeLay lacked domiciliary intent when he registered to vote and that he maintains legal residence in Texas. Similar to the legal action filed by the Texas Democratic Party, the challenge notes that DeLay is still registered to vote in Texas, has a Texas driver's licence and is receiving a Texas homestead exemption. Under Virginia law, DeLay has the burden of proof that he has changed his domicile. His Texas domicile is presumed to continue until he has a residence in the Virginia and the intention to remain there. DeLay's continuing presence in the Lone Star state is presumptive proof that he remains a Texas citizen.

Correction: In an earlier edition D.C.'s Political Report reported that the investigation would be conducted by Commonwealth Attorney S. Randolph Sengel (D-VA). In fact the investigation will be conducted by Voter Registrar. The Commonwealth Attorney's office will only get involved if there is evidence of criminal intent.

Emphasis mine. As I understand it, Texas' law is pretty loose regarding one's residence for voting purposes. I am neither a lawyer nor a Virginian, but the way this is written it sounds to me like perhaps things are a bit more stringent in the Commonwealth. I don't seriously expect this to amount to anything, but until there's more detail and analysis by someone who is familiar with these matters, who knows? Stay tuned.

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Why not let voter fraud continue? After all, the current president was not truly elected to his first term yet we were and are still stuck with his absent minded rich serving form of government.

Posted by: M. Mudry on June 27, 2006 8:09 AM