June 14, 2006
Annie's List endorses Thibaut

Via Houston Dems: Annie's List has added HD133 candidate Kristi Thibaut to its ledger of endorsed candidates for State House. I've been a fan of Kristi's for awhile now, so I consider this very good news. Among other things, Annie's List targets races they see as winnable (which the open 133 definitely is), and it's a good source of grassroots campaign contributions from around the state. I fully expect Kristi to do all right in the fundraising department, since she has a professional background in the subject, but this will likely be an expensive race, and her opponent (Jim Murphy) is one of the better quality Republicans out there, so every little bit will certainly help. Murphy's coffers were dry after the GOP primary and runoff, but money spent in the function of voter outreach is an investment, not a problem. This race ought to be a priority of the local GOP, so I also expect Murphy to get the resources he needs.

I've got a post percolating to analyze HD133 more fully, so expect that soon. In the meantime, get to know Kristi Thibaut.

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