June 16, 2006
Lawsuit against Metro coming?

I've wondered before if the anti-rail-on-Richmond forces were going to put their money where their mouths are and file suit to force Metro to adhere to what they claim was clear ballot language that indicated the line would be built on Westpark. Now I see that KTRH is reporting such a suit may be in the works.

This week, attorney Andy Taylor asked Metro for copies of a study which may prove the transit authority initially intended to build the line down Westpark, then changed plans. A coalition that opposes Richmond rail believes that a 2003 referendum approved by voters calls for the line to be built on Westpark.

Andy Taylor! The man does get around. I'm not sure how the existence of such a study (if there was one) might affect whether or not the eventual ballot language stated or implied something that is not now being executed, but hey, that's not my job. I can't wait to see what clever theories Taylor comes up with this time. Thanks to blogHouston for the link.

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