June 16, 2006
The Astrodome Amusement Park

Hey, we may have found a use for the Astrodome:

The world's largest indoor amusement park is coming to the Astrodome next week. With Astroworld gone the Astrodome is picking up the slack for summer fun.


Jerry Murphy says he expects to get 28 to 35 rides inside the dome. Work begins tomorrow and will be complete just before opening day. This is not Murphy's the first indoor amusement park.

"We've done it in the Superdome in New Orleans for about 20-years and it's been very successful. People have been able to come in out of the hot weather when it's 90-100 degrees out, come and it's cool and nice and they can ride all day long, and another thing we can give them a cheap ticket, you know, like 20-dollars for the whole day."

Hey, sounds pretty good to me. Alas, it's only temporary - from June 22 to July 4. If you've got any nostalgia at all for the Dome and/or Astroworld, I'd say you ought to consider checking it out. Link via Houstonist.

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