June 19, 2006
Democratic Caucus town hall

Want to ask a Texas Democratic Congressperson a question? Here's your chance.

We invite you to join us on Wednesday, June 21st at 3pm EDT for the inaugural Regional Online Town Hall Meeting for Region 6 to discuss issues of concern to you. Participating Members of Region 6 serve districts in the state of Texas.

We welcome your questions and will try to address your concerns on whatever topics you may wish to discuss, including rising gas prices, college affordability, Social Security increasing health care costs and keeping our nation safe. Please note that your questions will be directed the Member of Congress in Region 6 who represents your area. You may submit your questions in advance by clicking here or join in live by visiting this site from 3pm to 4pm EDT on June 21st. A full transcript of the Online Town Hall Meeting will be available on this website at the conclusion of the meeting.

We look forward to hearing from you, and hope you will join us for the discussion on June 21st.

I'll have to wait for the transcript, since this is not a convenient time for me. If it works for you, by all means jump in and ask something. If you do attend, please let me know how it goes.

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