June 21, 2006
Mapchangers, Round 2

I've mentioned the Mapchangers competition before. They're on to Round Two, in which you can select up to five candidates from the East and West regions for the $5000 contribution from Forward Together PAC and a chance to have a fundraiser with Gov. Mark Warner. Five's perfect, because there are five Texans in the round:

The Straight Ticket Texan lineup:

TX GOV - Chris Bell
TX SEN - Barbara Ann Radnofsky
TX CD 10 - Ted Ankrum
TX CD 21 - John Courage
TX CD 31 - Mary Beth Harrell

As you can see from the published ballots, the Texas Five are doing pretty well. (Not all ballots are published - I chose not to publish mine.) This one's the easy choice - the hard one will be who to pick if more than one Texas Democrat makes it to the Top Ten. I say that's a good problem to have, though, so go do what you can to get them there.

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