June 29, 2006
Four hours left to vote for Mapchangers

OK, this is officially the last time I'll pester you about the Straight Ticket Texan vote for Mapchangers. Voting closes in four hours, at 2 AM CDT. The standings as I write this:

1. MT-Sen Jon Tester

2. CO-06 Bill Winter

3. TX-Gov Chris Bell

4. CA-11 Jerry McNerney

5. TX-Sen Barbara Radnofsky

John Courage has been in the top five and can get there again with a late push. He's already a winner, as he's about to be named a national netroots candidate, but that doesn't mean you can't sweeten the pot a bit. If you haven't voted yet, put Courage first, Bell and Radnofsky in the #2 and 3 slots, and don't forget Mary Beth Harrell and Ted Ankrum. Four hours to go, and that's all there is.

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