July 04, 2006
Could you pass the citizenship test?

Do you have what it takes to become a citizen?

When immigrants want to become Americans, they must take a civics test as part of their naturalization interview before a Citizenship and Immigration Services officer. The questions are usually selected from a list of 100 sample questions (see at http://www.uscis.gov/graphics/services/natz/English.pdf ) that prospective citizens can look at ahead of the interview (though the examiner is not limited to those questions). Some are easy, some are not. We have picked some of the more difficult ones.

Should you be welcomed immediately to the Land of the Free or sent home for some more homework? Find out!

(PLEASE NOTE: These questions are as asked on the official United States Immigration and Naturalization Services Web site. Candidates are not given multiple choices in the naturalization interview, which is conducted orally.)

Presented as multiple choice, I found this quiz to be very easy - as in, I got 100%, and I only had to guess at one (#19, which was basically a coin flip since two of the choices were silly). I feel confident I'd have passed anyway as a fill-in-the-blank exercise, but I might've goofed somewhere under those conditions.

How did you do?

Posted by Charles Kuffner on July 04, 2006 to Society and cultcha | TrackBack

95. I lost the coin flip.

Posted by: julia on July 4, 2006 12:02 PM

19 would have been harder for me if "Immigration Lass" wasn't sitting next to me...

Posted by: Michael Croft on July 4, 2006 12:24 PM

yup. me too. Not having actually applied for citizenship, I opted for the less sensible answer on 19.

But what I was really wondering was how many actual citizens would have got #18 wrong.

Posted by: demophoenix on July 4, 2006 11:04 PM