July 12, 2006
WiFi in Corpus Christi

Dwight links to a story on the municipal WiFi rollout in Corpus Christi.

The network, projected to be complete this summer, could drive down Internet prices around town and increase service quality. City officials also envision the wireless access making residents' lives more convenient and possibly even saving lives.

"There are actually too many things you can do with it," said Ogilvie Gericke, director of municipal information systems for the city. "We will have to manage which things we want to do first. That will be a challenge."

The $6 million project should be finished by late August or early September and will provide wireless access for all of the city's 147 square miles. Possible applications include letting students complete homework online and ambulances transmit information to hospitals while en route.

As Dwight says, this is well in advance of Houston's project. We should be able to learn from their experience, even if doing WiFi in Houston will be a much bigger job.

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