July 19, 2006
Profile of David Harris

Now this is a candidate profile.

He doesn't have anywhere near the political experience, name recognition or financial backing his opponent, a 20-year veteran of congress has, but according to David Harris, D-Arlington, he may just be the change the people in District 6 are looking for.

The Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran has been gearing up for over a year to take on the House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Joe Barton, R-Ennis, in the November election and Harris says its time for the congressional veteran to pack his bags for home.

"I think it's time the voters send Barton back - back home and out of Washington," Harris said.

Running as a virtual unknown in District 6, which extends from Ennis to Arlington, Harris has a major uphill climb against Barton, who according to the latest reports from the Center for Responsive Politics, had over $1,976,519 in his campaign coffers compared to Harris with $1,264.

"I'm running a true grassroots campaign," Harris said. "I'm out handshaking and going door to door to get my message out."


"So many congressmen have become corrupted and power hungry that they've forgotten why they are there in the first place," Harris said. "Barton is one of them. I love my country and I fought for it and I don't like the way it's being run. Barton has shown his unwillingness to compromise to better our future. This isn't about me — it's about our future and our kids' future."

Harris continues to see Barton as out of touch with the district and believes that as a fresh body in Congress he can bring things to the table that Barton has overlooked.

"In 2004 Barton had a town hall meeting in the district and asked people if they thought he should be involved in things like the Terri Schiavo case, steroids in sports and greater fines to entertainers for profanity or nudity on television," Harris said. "There was nothing mentioned about lowering health care costs, education, tax cuts or renewable energy. That's what people are really concerned about and it's troublesome that our congressman is not concerned about them as well."

The recent congressional hearings on same sex marriage amendments and flag burning amendments have also been troublesome to Harris.

"The constitution is one of the most forward looking documents ever and the administration thinks we have to change it constantly with amendments," Harris said. "Soon it will start to look like the Texas constitution."

What I like about this, beyond the good things that Harris has to say on a variety of issues, is that it's actually about the candidate and what he stands for. The article doesn't waste half its space giving "equal time" to his opponent's spokesperson, which never amounts to anything more than "Am not! He's a poopyhead! Neener neener neener!" The newspaper is perfectly capable of doing an equivalent piece on the other guy, which if you're going for balance is in my opinion a much better way of doing it. Kudos to the Waxahachie Daily Light for taking this kind of coverage seriously, and to David Harris for being such a good subject. And hey, if you like what you read there, you know what to do.

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