July 22, 2006
Trautman and Nelson-Turnier

For those of you up in the northern part of Harris County who are looking for some Democratic campaign activity in their area, Stace has a couple of announcements for you. You can attend some town hall meetings with Dot Nelson-Turnier, and you can go blockwalking with Diane Trautman. I like what Diane is saying here:

"I have been overwhelmed by the positive reception I have received in each neighborhood. One man told me no one has personally campaigned in his neighborhood since he lived in Houston ten years ago. Most don't even know the name of my opponent. I think it is so important for a legislator to address the needs and concerns of citizens at the community level - face to face, which Rep. Crabb has failed to do."

If Democrats are ever going to make inroads into previously written off deep red territories, this is how it'll be done. If you want to help make that happen, that's one fine way to do it.

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