August 20, 2006
Bonilla: I want more money!

Via Vince, Rep. Henry Bonilla wants to tap his donor well again.

Rep. Henry Bonilla (R-Texas), whose re-election outlook went from safe to shaky when the Supreme Court changed the boundaries of his district and four others in the Lone Star State, asked the Federal Election Commission on Wednesday whether he’ll be allowed to solicit a fresh round of campaign cash from donors who previously had maxed out to the Congressman’s coffers.

Interesting. If he gets to do it, will the other four (Doggett, Hinojosa, Cuellar, and Smith) follow suit? Or is it only Bonilla, the $2.2 million dollar man who has no new rows to hoe and thus needs to replow the same old fields?

I say this is further evidence that the Dems really ought to throw some money in this district and make a play for it. Don't let Bonilla spend that money, whether it's this much or more, without pushing back and making him earn it. He's telling the world he's nervous. The DCCC and anyone else who can give Ciro Rodriguez a boost should give him a good reason to be.

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