September 23, 2006
A year since we bugged out for Rita

One year ago today, at about four o'clock in the morning, Tiffany, Olivia, Harry and I pulled into the driveway of Tiffany's cousin Emilie's house in Murphy, Texas, after an eighteen hour odyssey on I-45. I'd forgotten about the anniversary of Hurricane Rita until I saw a story on the local TV news last night. Seems I'm not alone in the forgetting department, unfortunately. Here's Google news on the topic if you want to refresh your own memory.

It kind of goes without saying that it has been a much quieter hurricane season this year. Considering that in 2005 we were facing Rita, and the named storm right now is Helene, that pretty much says it all. Read more about this year's storm season, recall what we were expecting back in June.

And just for comparison purposes, here's Olivia from the day before we bugged out last year. Click the More link to see a more recent picture, taken in early August in Portland.

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