October 25, 2006
Save the 11th Street Park!

Houstonist has added the cause of the West 11th Street Park in Timbergrove to its list or preservationist crusades. It's definitely worthy - there's nothing like this park anywhere in the area. I need to drive by it and take some pictures so you can see what it looks like. Trust me when I say that if it gets sold off, it will be razed and McMansioned before you can say "floodwater retention capability". And that would be bad.

This recent Chron story has more info. I think they're going to need a rich person to step in and pony up the cash to save the place, but maybe they can swing a loan. Whatever the case, please follow some of the links at Houstonist and help out this effort if you can.

UPDATE: See Jeff Balke for more.

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My aunt is very heavily involved in this. She told me back when I posted this blog about it that the first in line to buy the property is none other than Perry Homes. It is thought they are interested in turning it into some sort of townhome community.

My grandparents built one of the first homes in Timbergrove back in the 40's and I used to ride my bike around this area LONG before it got a name and a cause. The neighbors already battled to keep it from being destroyed so HISD could re-locate HSPVA there. It's time to finally put this to rest and keep it off the market.

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