November 09, 2006
Abbott and lawsuit may now proceed

One thing I missed from before the election but Marc caught is that the Supreme Court followed suit with the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in rejecting the injunction against Attorney General Greg Abbott that prevented him from pursuing enforcement of a new provision that criminalized possessing the absentee ballot of a non-relative. As Marc notes, however, Abbott had also asked for an order expediting the case, which was denied. Judge James Dennis of the Fifth Circuit, in removing the injunction, wrote that the "scope of disenfranchisement and interference with protected political activities" under the voter fraud law and "fraudulent practices that allegedly justify" it remain speculative, but the only way to know for sure if the application of this new law is as overly broad as it appeared to him is to let the election play out and review things afterwards. Which is where we now are. I'll be keeping my eyes out for further updates on this case.

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