December 04, 2006
Some naked calendar news

And as long as I'm citing Debutant, I'd like to thank her for reminding me that this is the time of year when all the naked calendars for good causes get released and publicized. Here's one by a group of LiveJournalers, who are banding together to help one of their own with Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Take a look and maybe buy yourself a copy. You need a calendar, right?

Or you could try the 2007 version of the Austin musicians' naked calendar, this time benefitting the Austin Children of Musicians, Artists and Writers Fund, which according to cover girl Idgy Vaughn is "a stopgap organization providing emergency relief funds for rent, food, and medicine". As with last year's version, I spotted this at the Mucky Duck while there to buy tickets to a show. Those of you who followed the show "Rock Star Supernova" will be interested to know that Patrice Pike is the featured model for December. Again, you need a calendar, right? Now you have some good choices and can support some good causes. Check 'em out.

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