December 19, 2006
Project Bridge the Gap

As you know, Texas Democrats made numerous gains in this election cycle - in Congress, in the State House, in counties like Hays and Dallas, and so on. While there's much to be happy about in these results, there's much to be not so happy about as well. In particular, the grassroots folks feel like they were let down by the lack of support at the statewide level for many candidates, from Chris Bell on down. Suffice it to say that many words have been written, in email, discussion boards, and blogs, about these feelings and at whom they should be directed.

Fortunately for those of us who care about the outcome of those discussions, there's now a real sense that it's time to move past this sort of thing and get everybody on the same page. Anna has a project in the works to help bring the institutional base of the Texas Democratic Party and the grassroots activists a little closer together. She's dubbed it Project Bridge The Gap, and she describes it and the motivation behind it here. I think it's a good idea, and I'll be very interested to hear the reports from the State Democratic Executive Committee in January where this will all take place.

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