December 20, 2006
It's a...well, you know

That's what they want you to think!

It was the invisible hand of the market, not a magic bullet, that closed the Conspiracy Museum in Dallas. At the end of the month, this repository of controversial theories will vacate the downtown location it has held for more than a decade, to be replaced by a Quiznos sandwich shop.

Tom Bowden, who heads the museum, said the restaurant simply offered to pay more rent. Bowden plans to reopen in a new location in April.

The center of attention will still be exhibits on the deaths of major public figures from Abraham Lincoln to John F. Kennedy, and the museum will still be "actively trying to solve" these high-profile murders, Bowden said. As part of an expansion of these efforts, he hopes to move into a much larger space that will feature multimedia presentations, a bookstore and a coffee shop.

He said he wants the investigations to shine a light on how the government works. It's a big task for a small operation, but Bowden insists the research is earnest. The museum often contributes to documentaries and books, he said, before adding, "We're not really that crazy."

Sometimes these things just write themselves, you know?

Anyway, a longer version of this story was reported by WFAA two weeks ago. I'm constitutionally incapable of ignoring stuff like this when I see it, so here it is.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on December 20, 2006 to The great state of Texas | TrackBack

to be replaced by a Quizno's

"I would like to order a six-inch brains and skull fragments with extra ketchup, on white to go, please.

Fresh out? How about an anti-Castro Cuban, hold the mayo?

Out of that, too? Guess I'll just go down the street to the Texas Theater Subway for an LHO Cop Killer (pork, onions, garlic, extra spicy mustard)."

Posted by: PDiddie on December 20, 2006 7:02 AM

Conspiracy theory, or Quizno's sandwich... which is harder to swallow?

Actually, I enjoy Quizno's sandwiches. Come to think of it, I'm fond of conspiracy theories as well. Couldn't they have worked out a dual occupancy deal of some sort, so we could hear conversations at the counter along the lines PDiddie suggests?

Posted by: Steve Bates on December 20, 2006 7:37 PM

In their new book, Ultimate Sacrifice, Lamar Waldron and Thom Hartmann make it wholly clear that Kennedy was murdered by the Mafia, whose chieftains had infiltrated Jack's and Bobby's covert plan to spark a coup in Cuba and have Castro killed. The mafiosi--specifically, Carlo Marcello, Johnny Roselli and Santo Trafficante--knew that that operation was so sensitive that any news about it could have touched off World War III; and, therefore, that Bobby would do anything to keep the whole thing secret. In the two weeks prior to Nov. 22, 1963, those hoodlums had already tried to have JFK killed in Chicago and in Tampa. Both efforts were logistically identical to the assassination that occurred in Dallas.

This is not supposition or speculation, but a solid case, based on copious documentary evidence and numerous firsthand accounts by close participants in the Kennedys' top-secret venture (code-named AMWORLD).

In other words, the book explodes two antithetical mythologies: the preposterous cover story floated by the Warren Commission, and the paranoid master-theory that has launched a thousand books, and made Warner Bros. wealthy through the movie JFK. Thus this extraordinary book not only sheds abundant new light on the central trauma in our modern history, but in so doing it also sets us free.

Posted by: Support Science to Reverse Global Warming, which Al Gore says is still possible on December 23, 2006 12:28 AM