December 29, 2006
Still time to vote for Stephanie

If you'd like to affect an election that's maybe not as important as the House Speaker's race but is by far more fun, you have until tomorrow night to vote for Stephanie Stradley as the Ultimate Texans Fan. Here she explains why your vote matters:

Here's a stat you won't find anywhere else. The Texans are 2-1 when I run out on the field through the tunnel as one of the finalists in the Ultimate Texan Fan contest. My buddy Mark thinks the team won't turn the corner until I win. Interesting theory, and one I'd like to see work. Voting ends soon. If you would like to see our videos, you can click here. If you would like to just vote, click here.

Steph notes that the Texans have never won Game 16 in their history, so we'll see how her mojo is working for them this time. They'll announce the winner at the two minute warning of the first half. Good luck, Stephanie!

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