January 11, 2007
"They paved paradise"

I drove past the now-defunct Stables restuarant the other day and saw that one of their last acts while still in business was to change their marquee:

I know how you feel, pal, I know how you feel.

While the news story at the time of the sale made it clear that the property was going to be flipped as part of a larger parcel of real estate, all to happen at some point down the road, I think the Stables building will be bulldozed in the near future. Click on for more.

Maybe I just think they'd have collected the trash by now if the building were going to be around for awhile. Maybe I'm just naive about that.
This is the Stables' next-door neighbor, which is set back from Main behind a now-empty lot that I think once housed the old Red Lion. It sure looks like it's ready for the wrecking ball, doesn't it?
The front door of the building. Apparently, it's to remain open after business hours, too. Another door nearby, which I daresay led into the kitchen, was also open. Really gave the place a ghost town feel.

We'll see when the bulldozers come. I just think it's sooner rather than later.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on January 11, 2007 to Food, glorious food | TrackBack

Our son Ian attends St. Nicholas, the Montessorri school on that street. As far as we know, it's not going anywhere. Nobody seems to know what's going to happen to the land behind it. Margaret and I have eaten at The Stables a couple of times and have stopped in the sit at the bar before going to pick up Ian. They do have good food and it's a nice, quiet place. We'll miss it.

Posted by: Noodle on January 11, 2007 8:40 AM

I remember going to The Stables with my parents in the early 70s. Houston was a much smaller town then.

Posted by: Jeb on January 11, 2007 9:47 AM

What a blast from the past--I was in management at The Stables in the late 70's--your pictures brought a few tears to my eyes! Many of the Houston Oilers would come by after practice or with their families after the games. Thanks for covering this.

Posted by: Laurie on January 23, 2007 1:31 PM