February 16, 2007
Some details about the city Wi-Fi rollout

We know that Earthlink will be the provider for Houston's Wi-Fi network when it is rolled out in 2009. But what are the details, and how will it work? I refer you to Dwight, the City Hall blog, and WiFiNet News for answers to most if not all of your questions. I'm looking forward to seeing what the actual product that Earthlink rolls out will be, and I join Dwight in hoping for something like this:

Here's what I'm hoping happens: AT&T and Comcast buy access to Earthlink's service, then provide free it as an incentive to keep existing customers and lure new ones. I suspect the two companies could negotiate a bulk rate with Earthlink that would allow them to write it off as a promotional cost. Subscribe to DSL or cable-modem access at home, and get anywhere access throughout the city of Houston!

I'm a Road Runner customer, but if AT&T offered that as part of its DSL package, I'd consider jumping ship in a heartbeat. To keep me, Road Runner would likely want to offer a similar deal.

While I'm generally happy with my RoadRunner/Comcast service, I too would jump in a heartbeat to a competitor that offered me at home service plus roaming access. It makes a lot of sense for something like this to happen, so here's hoping.

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