March 21, 2007
Jones and Morales

Over at Kuff's World, I've got a look at the city's response (PDF) to Ray Jones' lawsuit regarding his exclusion from the ballot for the City Council special election. Bottom line: I think the city has the better of the argument. See for yourself.

Meanwhile, Matt Stiles writes about the kerfuffle Stace caused when he posted two videos on YouTube of Roy Morales answering questions at a Minuteman rally in Houston in 2005. You can watch the videos and draw your own conclusions, but I'll say this: In the interview that Morales did with me, he never said anything remotely like what he said in that first clip, even though one of my questions was about HPD's policies regarding checking immigration status. I even nudged him a little on it, and he went on a tangent regarding bulletproof glass in police cars instead. Whether this represents a genuine moderation of Morales' position, or pandering to the audience he perceives me to have, is for you to decide.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on March 21, 2007 to Election 2007

I meet Mr. Morales a while back and from what I picked up he was very genuine and sincere. I did look at the video but the guy asking the questions was pretty agitating. I can see why he went off like he did.

Posted by: Hector Bustamante on March 21, 2007 12:42 PM