May 04, 2007
Early voting: West University Place

I know pretty much nothing about the election going on in West University Place for its Mayor and City Council, other than I've seen quite a few signs advertising this candidate or that along Kirby and Buffalo Speedway. For those who do want to know more, the West U Examiner reports from a candidate forum, with a summary of each contender's opinions on various issues. Anybody out there have a comment on these folks?

I've cast my ballot for Melissa Noriega. Have you cast yours yet? In the spirit of early compliance with the proposed new voter ID regulations, I offered to give a DNA sample to the election judge so they could be 100% sure of my identity and citizenship. For some reason, they didn't take me up on it. Obviously, some training will be needed prior to implementation.

Remember, in addition to voting for her, you can help Melissa by phone calling and blockwalking. Early voting ends on Tuesday, May 8, and Election Day is Saturday, May 12. Please get involved in any way you can.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on May 04, 2007 to Election 2007

All I know is that one of the WU candidates put his sign on my property (I live north of West U, at the corner of a moderately busy intersection and I guess he thought that I don't ever look at my fence). It was returned to his address (nicely printed on the sign itself) with a note kindly asking him not to do it again.

Posted by: Souperman on May 4, 2007 1:35 PM