May 17, 2007
Last chance to support SB419

Pete says that SB419, which is the bill that would greatly help autistic children and their parents (see here, here, and here for more), is languishing in committee and may not make it to the House floor. With sine die less than two weeks away, and hard deadlines for voting bills out of committee fast approaching, this is pretty much do or die.

Please take a minute and see if you are represented by a member of the Calendars Committee - Reps. Woolley, Elkins, Turner, and Van Arsdale are all from Harris County - and give them a call to ask that SB419 make it to the House floor. Pete has the contact info for everyone. Thanks very much.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on May 17, 2007 to That's our Lege

Calendars committee has 2 meetings left for the year, one tonight and one Sunday night at 9 pm. Call over the weekend to have the bill set, they'll be there. If it's not set on Sunday then it's dead.

Posted by: Joe on May 18, 2007 11:16 AM