May 24, 2007
Still waiting to vacate

So all the pieces seem to be falling into place for that long-awaited motion to vacate the Speaker's chair. According to BOR, Republican Rep. Todd Smith has filed two resolutions that would allow for a secret ballot in the event a new Speaker needs to be elected. You may recall that this was the real fight back at the start of the session, since everyone feared retaliation in an open-vote election for Speaker. Will such a move fare any better this time? We may eventually see. Karen Brooks is following it as it goes. Greg, Eileen, and Inside the Texas Capitol have also weighed in.

On a slightly odd note, Rep. Robert Talton, who's been the biggest thorn in Tom Craddick's side all session, has spoken against the presumed motion to vacate. He then goes on to urge Speaker Craddick to step aside if such a motion is made anyway. Whatever.

Meanwhile, in the "when it rains, it pours" department for Craddick, he's been sued by a travel agent (more here). I'd ask "what next?", but I'm almost afraid to find out. Stay tuned.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on May 24, 2007 to That's our Lege