June 08, 2007
Watts goes all in

I don't know how Mikal Watts will do as a candidate, and I don't really know where he stands on the issues (though this helps a little), but I see he's serious about running, and that counts for something.

San Antonio trial lawyer Mikal Watts has launched his bid for the Democratic U.S. Senate nomination by donating and loaning his campaign fund a total of $3.8 million -- an amount equal to Republican incumbent Sen. John Cornyn's cash on hand.

"I took John Cornyn's first-quarter report and matched it to the penny," Watts said.

"We're going to start with a level playing field, and then we're going to start raising money and see what the people of Texas have to say."

Watts, 39, donated $1.9 million to his exploratory committee and loaned it another $1.9 million. He formed the committee June 1, and its paperwork was available Wednesday.

Millionaire businessman Tony Sanchez spent $60 million of his own money in an unsuccessful run as the Democratic nominee for governor in 2002.

"I'm no Tony Sanchez," Watts said, "but I'm ready to and intend to put in the money it takes to close the deal."

Anything above about $20 million is likely to have little marginal effect anyway. Even if Watts could write that kind of check for himself, the lesson we should have learned from Tony Sanchez is that unlimited funds cannot compensate for a limited candidate. If Watts is a good candidate, then the money will be there for him. Though, as my preferred candidate for the Senate points out, money isn't everything.

Noriega said Thursday: "I am seriously looking at the race, but whether or not I get in or not, I have no intention of getting into a back and forth with a bank account. I do not want to reinforce the unhealthy idea that a candidate is judged solely on money.

"My focus would be the people of the state of Texas and whether (GOP U.S. Sen. John) Cornyn's rubber stamp support for Bush, and the national leadership that has failed to provide a clear mission for our involvement overseas, is good for Texas.

"Washington politicians are making the decisions while Texas families are making the sacrifices."

Amen. Now while Mikal Watts is not my first choice for the Senate, I'm going to hear him out, and as long as he isn't doing stupid things I'm not going to be negative about him - he may emerge as our candidate in the end, after all. I like the idea of a high-profile primary race between two or more credible candidates for the right to stop John Cornyn. I don't pretend that will be easy to do, but the point is that the perception is that it can be done. Not nearly enough people felt that way about taking out Rick Perry in 2006, so just a change in attitude away from the "Dems should just concede and wait till next time" thinking that's still shamefully prevalent is a huge step forward.

Now if that same attitude can spread to some Congressional districts, too, then we'll really have something. One step at a time, I suppose.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on June 08, 2007 to Election 2008

Friday - 10:05 AM

'Sir Charles Kuffner, what is your contact information? I'm collecting...personal & honest opinion about me running in the 2008 Congressional Race. Sheila Jackson Lee' holds that seat now. Yes' I am a Republican, but I have a Democrat heart! And I was reared in District 18, so I have more tides than Sheila has. Please read my bio and tell me what you think. My cell number will be listed below at the bottom of this E-mail. But please don't give it out.
NOTE: Pleae Forward On - To Those That Wants - To Read More About Me. As I run in this Congressional Race for District 18. Thank you Attorney Fisher, for your support. I need more like you. My offical Campaign Website' will be up after the summer ends. Until then, Tj-


Interviewed by Breanne Parker.
Thurgood Marshall High School

Did you know that District 18 was re-zoned last year?

Well it has. District 18 now includes; Humble, Spring, Klein Forest , Jersey Village , Kingwood, Clearlake, The Heights, Downtown, The Medical Center and Friendswood. This now makes District 18 a more Conservative Democratic / Republican district.

Ms. Tj Baker Holm is a single parent, small business owner and an Educator. Life wasn't easy for Tj growing up in Studewood, which just so happens to be in District 18. Her first job was at the age thirteen because her mother lost her job and couldn't find employment. Over time Tj was allowed to leave school early to work and help out with her family. Walking to work in her McDonald's uniform, she worked the evening shift from 3PM to midnight . Through hard work and perseverance, {doing her homework on her lunch break} Tj finished high school in 1985 from Booker T. Washington High School. "Don't ask me about my Teen-aging years, because I didn't have one! I worked and I've been working every since." With a sound working background and nose to the grindstone attitude people like Tj are often seen as the poster children for success. But that's not always the case because just like your up one minute you can be down the next. Unfortunately this is what happened to Tj when she found herself in financial trouble. So she knows first hand about being laid-off and going into financial hardship. Social assistance and welfare are also no strangers to Tj. What if you were placed on a waiting list for childcare for a year? Not because the program was so great, but because this was the only way you could have the time to work to get off of social assistance. Tj knows! Miraculously through all of this adversity Tj was able to earn a degree form Texas Southern University majoring in Communications/Theater. She's currently a proud member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc., and was a member of the National & International Forensic - Sigma Phi Alpha Debate team at TSU. The list of achievements for Tj goes on and on and there's no telling where it will possibly end. Knowing Tj with her tireless can do attitude, public service will fit her like a hand in a glove.

Because of her strong personal convictions to moral grounding, accountability, and a commitment to sound family values Tj was asked to run in the 2006 District 18 race. She politely turned down the offer because those that had asked her to run wanted her to run on a Democrat ticket. Well surprise, Tj is a Republican. At the beginning of this year, she was asked again, this time on the Republican ticket. This time she accepted the challenge and the rest will be history.

As Tj said in the interview with a big smile, "I have to be very careful how I vote, if I still wish to eat Sunday dinners at my Mama's house. I better have a good {dog gone} reason why I voted a certain way. Since my Mama is a die-hard Democrat."

Q: I ask Ms. Tj Baker Holm, why is she running against Congresswoman Shelia Jackson Lee?
A: "It's time for a change. Just like the season's change, so should leadership. District 18 has changed its face, and when I say changed its face, I mean its constituency base has changed. Along with that change comes new concerns and challenges that should be addressed. We deserve dynamic leaders that are in touch and in focus with the needs of our communities."

I want to add also...this should not be considered a personal fight - between two professional political Black/African American women. I am a Congressional Candidate for District 18 looking to represent everyone, all races, creeds and colors. It's time for a change.

Q: Ms Tj Baker Holm please tells me what is your experience - to qualify you as a member of Congress.
A: "I've been involved in politics my whole life. My father is ex military and I have traveled allot in my childhood years. This has helped me in relating to people from all walks of life. So you could say that my first political position was as ambassador to the world. I also publish a magazine, Texas Gates. This allows me to the opportunity to stay current with what's going on in our community as well as understanding what's going on around the state. I'm also an educator leading the youth of tomorrow. Holding political office requires that you know and understand the people that you represent. It also requires that you do what's in the best interest of your community, your state and you country. What qualifies you is the strength of your character, your moral conviction and your rejection of complacency."
But also...did you know there are only two, main requirements to run for President? You have to be born on American soil and only have to be Thirty-five years old at the time you register as a candidate to become the next President of United States of America. That's it! Of course you know, that job is 4 years. That's a long time to lead America . Not to be asking for a college degree and it does not matter rather you are a male or female. But the constitution states just those two requirements. That's why Senator Rodham-Clinton was able to place her name on the presidential ticket and other females before her. The Congressional member's requirements are less than that. You don't even have to have a high School Diploma. Only a good level head on your shoulders and for the voters to like you. That's why the Congress member's jobs are only two years.

Q: Ms. Tj Baker Holm, what can you do for District 18?
A: "I am looking forward to implementing positive, progressive, responsible and accountable leadership in District 18. My philosophies are citizen oriented, meaning that they focus on the individual citizen. These philosophies enable and empower the individual by allowing them to better meet the needs of their families."

District 18 pays a lot of taxes - I saw the numbers and I was blown away. No wonder the outcry isn't stronger for more impact involvement from current leader. And they should receive more, but they have not been receiving it. My plan as your elected official is to meet with the constituents in District 18 and listen to their concerns. Cameras or any type of media don't need to be present. In my opinion, only Hollywood Super Stars should have the paparazzi around them.

Look my opponent has done nothing wrong, but at the same token she has done nothing substantial for District 18! Just wasting taxpayer's money all down the drain. No voter off the street in District 18 can tell you what Congressional Bills my opponent has passed. Which is none. Yes coat-tail on other passing bills by other congress members and that's all. I find that ironic and it should be embarrassing to my opponent, but I would not be surprised if she wasn't. News flash. There is constancy money flowing over to the International side under my opponent's regiment. Well what about District 18? The money takes forever or never at all. But when something misfortunate happens that the local news airs...you can't on my opponent - standing in front of the cameras cheerleading how UN-fair and Injustice on our people. Give me a break! And when my opponent fly's off again - back to Washington D.C. , which is around the corner from my hometown in New York City where my opponent really lives. I tell you that my opponent has gotten over on District 18. And didn't have to pay not one red nickel for it. Yet poor O'L District 18 is still fighting on they're own - daily crime, financial struggles and try to understand the reform system that has been reformed again - now going through another reform process.

About two months ago, I was talking to a well informative political person. Who said that according to last year election for District 18 it still showed that it's still a populated Black Democrat area.
My reply was this. District 18 has 300,000 register voters, but only 160,000 came out to vote for my opponent. That's a little bit over a half. Those numbers tells us, that she has already lost a great deal of supporters! Not only that the RE-zoning took place in the middle of the election. Meaning that the new neighbors such as the Conservative Democrats and the Conservative Republicans couldn't vote in the last District 18 race. But this coming election in 2008 they will be able to do so. As my Uncle Jake use to say, "Shucky-Ducky watch out now!"

Q: Allow me to get personal. You're not married, but do you have a significant other? And are you planning on having any more children?
A: No I am not attached to anyone right now; I've been single for 5 years. I'm not looking or praying for a husband. I love being single. I come and go as I please. I like cooking, but if I'm tired, quick microwave meals are okay, for my son and me or we go to the cafeteria. I'm a good homemaker. I'm allergic to filth. The beds are made up every morning, no excuse unless you're under the weather. I'm not materialistic and I don't like to showcase. So my home is comfortable. On Saturdays, my son eats on china dishes for breakfast. Why wait for a special occasion. Life is a special occasion. As far as having any more children; oh no the factory has been permentely closed. One time pregnancy was enough for me. When I do meet Mr. Wonderful, he better come with his own off springs or I am willing for us to adopt.
Q: So what's your description of a Mr. Wonderful?
A: God fearing. Good looks & good teeth. Good bookkeeper. Love politics like I do. Well known in the community as a distinguished gentleman. Spontaneous & funny. Good vocabulary & language skills. Good breath & good hygiene. Very much financially stable. Love & respect his family's opinion. A listener & open minded. Being a solver not a conflictor - when things go chaotic in the household. I also need for him, to play the role of a mother when I'm not present. That means he has some compassion. Because becoming an elected official. I will be traveling a lot. He needs to be my friend, communicate well with me. Learning my needs, before I asked. Don't mind pitching with cooking & housekeeping. I can't stand a lazy man. I worked just like he does. Oh and one more thing. I'm only 5'3 so that means he needs to be taller than me. Again, I'm not looking for a husband or a boyfriend. If it comes it comes. The way my schedule is...I don't see it and its going to get even busier. Just squeezing in for a 30 minute workout is hard to do. It never fails; I'm always getting interrupted.

Q: So do you think you're going to win. Because District 18 has been RE-zoned. Even thou you are a Republican?
A: I think that the people are tired of party politics. I think that they just want someone in office that's going to address their needs and concerns. They don't want to hear a lot of party rhetoric. So with that said, it's not a matter of which party you affiliate yourself with, it's a matter understanding your communities' needs, setting goals and achieving them. It's based on the principles of values and accountability.
Let me also share this with you...recently one of my mentors; Attorney Craig Washington as you know a Democrat told me this. "It's not what train you ride on as long as you get there. Tj your mind and heart will guide you in good decision for District 18 and that will make you a great leader." And I understood him because it's all about issues. Not what political party one labels themselves. My religion is Baptist. You may not like that - so am I supposed to change my religion? No, because as long as we agree that there is a God in heaven what difference does it make? I tell you not a darn thing! And that's how the issues for District 18 should be address. Not what political party you are affiliated with. That's why; I was asked to run against my opponent and be allowed to be myself by being on a Republican ticket. I'm all about getting the job done, completely done. Not covering it up. You scrape your knee; your mother cleans it and kisses it. But the sore is still there. There are people now who are bashing my name, because of their special ties to my opponent, which is really called status and money. Life for them in these past ten plus years, has been really good ...all given by your hard earn tax money. But for the working poor - the ones trying to hold on to their homes, the single parents with no health insurance for themselves, the small business owners who are being taxed high and higher every year. My opponent doesn't know anything about that. My opponent is not a former military vet with a missing limb/s. Nor had to deal with NHIC/child care for food stamps. Nor receiving any government assistance like housing authority. Or having a bank loan rejected. Or being a struggling business owner - who's about to loose hope. Heck Nah...my opponent is a rich lawyer and getting richer! And it shows - because my opponent is cutting and not voting for certain government services in District 18. How can you feel something if you have not dealt with it personally? The answer you can't bottom line. My opponent is hoping that District 18 continues to believe the UN-true myth. That District 18 is still a Black & Democrat area. I tell you...Deception is power! And that's how she's been staying in congress this long. Well there's a new Sheriff coming in town. Ms. Tj Baker Holm, a {former} debate member - trained under the marvelous powerful speaking influence of Dr. T.F. Freeman. Thanks to him, my 1st place trophies display along side with Barbara Jordan's and are still sitting inside the same showcase shelves. My opponent is NOT un-touchable, she can be un-seated! The elected seat that my opponent holds is held every two years. Every two years my opponent has to bully, threat, and belittle people into a corner.
Listen voters - District 18 should not be a {Me-Me} high lighting on one person, like my opponent has been doing since she's been in office. It should be community district high lighting all. Ten plus years is a long time for District 18, being misrepresented. The question is - will you as voter exercising your voting rights do something about it? Will you change the face of congress for District 18? Or will you continue to sit there like a pair of tight, old & torn shoes that you will not wear again...yet you still have them in your closet. Why? If you can not give a valid reason - then it is time for a change. I am Forty years old. I'm fresh with fresh ideas. Some one like me - will deal with only issues! So District 18...let's hurdle them together! And I would like to add. That to my knowledge, I will be the 1st Black Woman Republican to run for Congress and as I hope victory...I will be the 1st Black Woman Republican in Congress. Now that would history!

As Dr. Michael P. Williams - Pastor of Joy Tabernacle church said at a party gathering. "Strange things have happen in these recent elections. No one can really be for sure anymore."
My campaign website should be ready by the end of this summer. But for right now - you can log on to {www.tjbaker.com} that's my personal & community website. This will give you some insight of what; I'm mostly about. District 18 here I come. The most rounded and diverse community in Houston Texas . As your new congresswoman - Tj Baker Holm, I'm ready to work and I know you've been ready - so let's do this together. And that's only because District 18 is not happy anymore with my opponent performance! And remember...I AM You!

Tj Baker's platform
"I AM You"
Believing in building a future for our children
Believe in church fundamentals
Single parenting programs
Health Care Issues {Medicine}
Small Business Owners
Retirement {Baby Boomers} Social SecurityEducation - Financial teaching youth about wealth building
Fundamentals jobs and realistic goals
Start more business - creating more stability in the workforce
Empowering the people.
Go back and make good on previous promises for District 18

Tj Baker's Credentials and Affiliations
Under Birth name: Tanyra D. Shiver
Texas Southern University - Spring 1993
Sigma Phi Alpha - TSU Debate team
SGA - Student Government Association at TSU
Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc. {Finer Womanhood} SHSU - Spring 1990
Miss Hargest College 1986
Booker T. Washington - Alumni since 1985
{Little Sister to the Elks} Daughter Ruler of Kissia Clifton Temple #671-1982
Tj Baker - Holm as an adult
NABJ - National Associate of Black Journalist
National Federation of Republican Women
National Council for Negro Women
Cub Scott {Den Mother} Troop #3601 @ New Faith Church/Dr. T.R. Williams
Houston Citizens Chambers of Commerce - Board Member
AWANNA'S Ast. @ Rice Temple Baptist Church/Pastor Clint Reiff
TLA - Texas Library Association
TFT - Texas Federation of Teachers
Austin 's Writers League
Political TV Journalist a political show/The Constitution...a political show that cares! WTP - Public Access channel.
Founder and Editor in Chief of Texas Gates! News Magazine. Covering issues for all Texans.
Daughters of Sojourner Truth Republican Women/Sisters in Spirit Republican Women

So now since you've read all of that. Do you think, I should still run under the Republican ticket or the Democrat ticket...of my chance of winning District 18? I've been told - to run under the Democrat ticket. But alot of folks knows - that I am a Republican, but again w/ a Democrat heart. Could I state that? Can I be that honest. Or do I just need to shut my mouth on that area? I don't know - everybody has their 2cents opinions. But I need folks - who really know what they're talking about.

Oh you may have a question. Where is your political campaign team? Well, I have free help at the moment. Because, I have NO money! I'm just like Barbara Jordan - who received financial help - so that she could file in the congressional race.

Now the money is coming, but only...if I do it their way. However...I want to do the right & correct way. I would love for us to talk. And you may be one of Sheila's friends or close associates...who knows. I'm taking my chances in sharing this much with you. Nevertless, I do need a great Blogger. So my good man - what is your lowest common denominator price. LOL.

Until then


Also if I do this...I'm going to need a great Blogger such as yourself. What is your lowest common denominator price. LOL.

Posted by: Ms. Tj Baker Holm on June 8, 2007 10:25 AM

Mr. Kuff, Thank you 'Sir for posting up the Interview Article that was done on me early this year. But I didn't want my

Nevertheless, thank you and I've made my final decision...I will be running on the Republican ticket for District 18. Until then,

Posted by: Ms. Tj Baker Holm on June 15, 2007 2:05 PM