August 10, 2007
Tougher times ahead for the GOP, says Abbott

It's hard out there for a Republican, says Attorney General Greg Abbott.

Abbott spoke before a packed house at a meeting of the Galveston Island Pachyderm Club, Texas' largest chapter.

He noted that in the 2006 elections, Dallas County, historically a Republican stronghold, was swept by Democrats. The attorney general attributed his party's losses in part to the flight of Republicans from Dallas County to more suburban counties surrounding it.

The same trend is taking place in Harris County, which includes Houston, Texas' largest city, Abbott said.

"Harris County will have less Republican strength in the next election cycle," he said.

GOP candidates for the state court of appeals in particular will depend on Galveston County Republicans if they hope to be elected in 2008, the attorney general said.

The 2008 election cycle could be tough for Texas Republicans for reasons other than dwindling numbers in the state's biggest cities.

The state's population is becoming increasingly Hispanic, a group that has traditionally voted Democratic. In addition, President Bush and the war in Iraq have become unpopular.

"We need to be prepared for a closer, tighter, tougher battle," Abbott said of the coming election.

Or you could maybe recognize that your governance over the past few years has stunk, and you could promise to be more responsive to the actual needs of the state and its residents.

Nah. Never happen. Which is fine by me. Keep on running the same campaigns with the same platforms as always, fellas. That'll work, I'm sure of it.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on August 10, 2007 to Election 2008