September 12, 2007
Ya no puede caminar

I confess to being somewhat ambivalent about Stace's call to action regarding the comic strip La Cucaracha, which has disappeared from the dead-tree edition of the Chron, though it's still online. It was never a regular read for me, though I was enjoying its recent focus on immigration. On the other hand, the strip that replaced it - I can't even remember the name - has pretty much nothing to recommend it. Generic art, lame gags, indistinguishable characters - at least La Cucaracha was distinctive and had something to say. Frankly, on those grounds alone, it's worth your time to visit Lalo Alcaraz's MySpace page and help him lobby the Chron for reinstatement. I generally think the Chron's comic pages are very good, but more effluvia like the penguin strip they don't need.

Oh, and in case you're wondering where the post title comes from, it's from the song.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on September 12, 2007 to Other punditry