January 04, 2008
Possibly complete list of candidate filings

The following, which I'm putting beneath the fold due to its length, is from an email sent by the Texas AFL-CIO to its distribution list. It's a fairly comprehensive list of candidate filings for the 2008 primaries. A few filings are still missing, due to word not getting to Austin from various county parties, and there are a couple of discrepancies that I can see. I've noted those next to the filings in question. For now, though, this is the best resource I've seen, so I'm sharing it here.

Before I get to that, a brief word about this story in today's Chron:

Speaker Tom Craddick's tenuous leadership hold on the Texas House of Representatives likely will get weaker after upcoming elections, some critics said Thursday.

With candidate lineups set for the March 4 primaries, none of last year's three chief rivals from Craddick's own GOP drew primary opponents. But several of Craddick's GOP allies face primary election challenges, as do several of his Democratic supporters.


GOP candidates who last year sought to replace Craddick -- Reps. Brian McCall of Plano, Jim Keffer of Eastland and Jim Pitts of Waxahachie -- were spared primary opponents.

McCall predicted where candidates stand on Craddick's leadership would be a defining issue in every contested House race.

"Tom Craddick is a good man. He just has a leadership style that is wrong. And in every contested race, the people running will have to identify, are they for the status quo in management, or against it? It's going to be really tough, in my view, to defend the status quo management style in the House of Representatives," McCall said.

Democratic Rep. Dan Barrett, who beat a GOP opponent in a special election for a conservative Fort Worth-area district and must win again this year to keep the seat, said Craddick's role in his election was "change versus business as usual."

"No one knew anything about him personally," Barrett said. "A lot of them had heard the story about him declaring himself the ultimate authority in the House of Representatives. They didn't like that. They didn't like the implication that people that were elected to go down there and represent their constituents' interests were not being allowed to do so."

Some candidates may try to avoid the issue.

Dee Margo is running against vocal Craddick critic Rep. Pat Haggerty in El Paso's GOP primary. Margo said he's "undecided" about Craddick and would not commit to any speaker candidate until doing "proper due diligence reflecting my El Paso constituency."

McCall, however, said candidates would have no choice.

"A candidate will have to say 'Do you defend this or are you opposed to it? Are you for the current speaker, or are you looking for change?' "

Damn straight. And that question goes double of every Democrat in a contested primary. If you live in HD146, remember that Al Edwards is a big buddy of Tom Craddick, and that's one of the reasons he was voted out last year in favor of Rep. Borris Miles. If you live in HD140, Rep. Kevin Bailey was a key Craddick supporter last year. So was Rep. Dawnna Dukes in Travis County's HD46. Everyone, bar none, needs to have a clear and definitive answer to this question, and those who answer it wrong need to be held accountable for it. There is no middle ground, and that's because of everything Tom Craddick has done while he's been Speaker.

Anyway. Click on for the list as it's known today, with my comments.

Here's a rundown of obvious highlights involving the major parties, gleaned mainly from the list provided by Telicon:

U.S. Senate -- Incumbent John Cornyn faces a Republican primary challenger in Larry Kilgore. Four Democrats, including state Rep. Rick Noriega, Ray McMurrey, perennial candidate Gene Kelly and Rhett Smith.

U.S. House -- District 3: U.S. Rep. Sam Johnson's indecision on whether he would seek reelection brought him three Republican primary opponents and two Democrats;

District 4: U.S. Rep. Ralph Hall drew four Republican opponents and two Democrats;

Note: I have confirmed with the Harris County Democratic Party that their listing of VaLinda Hathcox for State Senate District 04 was a typo. She did file for CD04, putting her in a primary against Glenn Melancon, as initially reported.

District 6 -- U.S. Rep. Joe Barton has two Democratic opponents, including one named Bush;

District 9 -- U.S. Rep. Al Green, D-Houston, has a Republican challenger.

Note: I see no one listed on the Harris County GOP primary page or on the Texas GOP primary filings page.

District 10 -- U.S. Rep. Michael McCaul, R-Austin, has a Republican primary challenger and two strong Democrats in a district that could swing within a national tide;

District 14 -- U.S. Rep. Ron Paul, who is running for president, has three Republican primary challengers.

District 17 -- U.S. Rep. Chet Edwards, D-Waco, drew a former TV sportscaster as an opponent.

District 18 -- U.S. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee drew two Republican challengers.

District 20 -- U.S. Rep. Charles Gonzalez has a Republican challenger.

District 22 -- In the most targeted district in the U.S., U.S. Rep. Nick Lampson, D-Beaumont, faces 10 Republicans.

District 23 -- In another hot contest featuring a Democratic takeaway from 2006, U.S. Rep. Ciro Rodriguez, D-San Antonio, is unopposed in the primary but Fransisco "Quico" Canseco, who has set aside some $700,000 for the campaign, faces a very serious challenge in the primary from Bexar County Commissioner Lyle Larson.

District 29 -- U.S. Rep. Gene Green, D-Houston, will face Republican Eric Story.

I have left out some races while including some Democrats who are facing challenges for the first time in some years, only so I can get more quickly to the Texas House races. But it should be pointed out that not only is every incumbent running, but most incumbents have at least one challenger of the opposite party. The unofficial exceptions are Republicans Louie Gohmert (District 1), Ted Poe (District 2), Jeb Hensarling (District 5), Ron Paul (District 14), Lamar Smith (District 21) and Democrats Silvestre Reyes (District 16) and Eddie Bernice Johnson (District 30). Some might get off that list as the final slates are confirmed, though those districts have voted in pronounced partisan direction.

In other statewide races, Republican Railroad Commission Michael Williams faces three Democrats -- Art Hall, Dale Henry and Mark Thompson.

For Chief Justice of the Texas Supreme Court, incumbent Republican Wallace Jefferson will face Democrat Jim Jordan. In Place 7, incumbent Republican Dale Wainwright faces Democrats Baltasar Cruz and Sam Houston. In Place 8, incumbent Phil Johnson faces Democrats Susan Criss and Linda Yanez.

On the Court of Criminal Appeals, incumbent Judge Tom Price faces Democrat Susan Strawn in Place 3. In Place 4, Republican Judge Paul Womack faces Robert Francis in the primary and Democrat J.R. Molina. In place 9, Republican Judge Cathy Cochran has no Democratic challenger. Bill White of San Antonio, who may be the former District Attorney there and a former Criminal Appeals court judge, filed as a Republican but it is not clear from the Republican Party web site what slot he is interested in.

In the Texas Senate, where gerrymandering makes close general election contests a reasonable possibility in only a small number of districts, Sen. Tommy Williams, R-The Woodlands, faces a primary challenger from former Sen. Mike Galloway in District 4. There is no Democrat there.

Sen. Mario Gallegos, D-Houston, faces Republican Gilbert Pena in District 6.

Sen. Chris Harris, R-Arlington, faces Democrat Melvin Willms in District 9.

Sen. Kim Brimer, R-Fort Worth, faces Democrat Wendy Davis in District 10.

Sen. Mike Jackson, R-Pasadena, faces a primary challenge by Tim Turner and Democratic challenges by Joe Jaworski and Bryan Hermann in District 11, in what could be the hottest contest on the Senate side.

Sen. John Carona, R-Dallas, will face Democrat Rain Minns in November in District 16.

Sen. Juan Hinojosa, D-McAllen, faces no Republican opposition in District 20.

Sen. Judith Zaffirini, D-Laredo, will go into full campaign mode as she faces a primary challenge from Rene Barrientos and a general election challenge from Republican Louis Bruni in District 21.

Sen. Royce West, D-Dallas, has no Republican opponent in District 23.

Sen. Troy Fraser, R-Marble Falls, has no Democratic opponent in District 24.

Sen. Leticia Van de Putte, D-San Antonio, has no Republican opponent in District 26.

Sen. Eddie Lucio, D-Brownsville, faces no opposition in District 27.

Sen. Robert Duncan, R-Lubbock, has no Democratic opponent in District 28.

Sen. Craig Estes, R-Wichita Falls, has a primary challenger in District 30 in Charles Stafford, but no Democratic opponent.

Sen. Kel Seliger, R-Amarillo, has no Democratic challenger in District 31.

In the Texas House:

1: Rep. Stephen Frost, Democrat, faces Republican George Lavender.
2: Rep. Dan Flynn, Republican, has no Democrat.
3: Rep. Mark Homer, Democrat, has no Republican.
4: Rep. Betty Brown, Republican of so-called "voter ID" fame, faces primary (Wade Gent, in a repeat) and general election (Victor Morales of pickup truck fame) challenges.
5: Rep. Bryan Hughes, Republican, home free.
6: Rep. Leo Berman, Republican, no Democrat.
7: Rep. Tommy Merritt, Republican, no Democrat.
8: Rep. Byron Cook, Republican challenger of House Speaker Tom Craddick, faces primary challenge from Bobby Vickery but no Democrat.
9: Rep. Wayne Christian, Republican, faces Democrat Kenneth Franks.
10: Rep. Jim Pitts, Republican challenger of Craddick, faces no Democrat.
11: Rep. Chuck Hopson, Democrat, faces Republican Brian Walker.
12: Rep. Jim McReynolds, Democrat, faces Republican Van Brookshire, a repeater.
13: Rep. Lois Kolkhorst, Republican, home free.
14: Rep. Fred Brown, Republican, no Democrat.
15: Rep. Rob Eissler, Republican, no Democrat.
16: Rep. Brandon Creighton, Republican, no Democrat.
17: (Open seat vacated by Robby Cook) Repeat Republican candidate Tim Kleinschimidt faces Democrats Latreese Ann Cooke and Donnie Dippel.
18: Rep. John Otto, Republican, faces Democrat Arlan Foster.
19: Rep. Tuffy Hamilton, Republican, faces Democrat Larry Hunter.
20: Rep. Dan Gattis, Republican, faces Democrats Jim Dillon and Leonard Surratt.
21: Rep. Allan Ritter, Democrat, faces Republican Eddie Arnold.
22: Rep. Joe Deshotel, Democrat, no Republican.
23: Rep. Craig Eiland, Democrat, no Republican.
24: Rep. Larry Taylor, Republican, no Democrat.
25: Rep. Dennis Bonnen, Republican, no Democrat.
26: Rep. Charlie Howard, Republican, faces primary challengers Norm Ley and Paula Stansell but no Democrat.
27: Rep. Dora Olivo, Democrat, faces primary challenger Ronald Reynolds but no Republican.

Note: The Texas GOP and FBGOP pages list someone named Steve Host as a challenger.

28: Rep. John Zerwas, Republican, faces Democrat Dorothy Bottos.
29: (open seat Mike O'Day) Republicans Garry Bucek and Craig Kelsay face Democrat Kevin Murphy.
30: Rep. Geanie Morrison, Republican home free.
31: Rep. Ryan Guillen, Democrat, home free.
32: Rep. Juan Garcia, Democrat, faces former Rep. Todd Hunter, now a Republican, in very hot Corpus Christi contest.
33: Rep. Solomon Orgiz Jr., Democrat, faces Republican Raul Torres.
34: Rep. Abel Herrero, Democrat, faces Republican Connie Scott.
35: Rep. Yvonne Gonzalez Toureilles, Democrat, home free.
36: Rep. Kino Flores, Democrat, faces apparent primary challenge, still waiting on county report.

Note: Sandra Rodriguez was an announced challenger; as far as I know, she filed.

37: Rep. Rene Oliveira, Democrat, home free.
38: Rep. Eddie Lucio III, Democrat, home free.
39: Rep. Armando Martinez, Democrat, home free.
40: Rep. Aaron Pena, Democrat, faces primary challenge from Eddie Saenz but no Democrat.
41: Rep. Veronica Gonzales, Democrat, faces Republican Javier Villalobos.
42: Rep. Richard Raymond, Democrat, no Republican.
43: Rep. Juan Manuel Escobar, Democrat, faces primary challenge by Tara Rios Ybarra but no Republican.
44: Rep. Edmund Kuempel, Republican, no Democrat.
45: Rep. Patrick Rose, Democrat, faces Republican Matt Young.
46: Rep. Dawnna Dukes, Democrat, faces primary challenge from Brian Thompson but no Republican.
47: Rep. Valinda Bolton, Democrat, faces Republican Donna Keel (sister-in-law of Craddick late-session parliamentarian Terry Keel)
48: Rep. Donna Howard, Democrat, faces Republican Joseph Donnelly and Pam Waggoner.
49: Rep. Elliott Naishtat, Democrat, faces Republican James Hasik.
50: Rep. Mark Strama, Democrat, faces Republican Jerry Mikus.
51: Rep. Eddie Rodriguez, Democrat, no Republican.
52: (Open seat Mike Krusee) Republicans Bryan Daniel, John Gordon, Dee Hobbs and Vivian Sullivan face Democrat Diana Maldonado.
53: Rep. Harvey Hilderbran, Republican, no Democrat.
54: Rep. Jimmie Don Aycock, Republican, no Democrat.
55: (Open seat Dianne Delisi): Republicans John Alaniz, Michael Pearce, Ralph Sheffield and Martha Tyroch face Democrat Sam Murphey.
56: Rep. Doc Anderson, Republican, faces primary challenge from Jonathan Sibley (son of former Sen. David Sibley), no Democrat.
57: Rep. Jim Dunnam, Democrat, no Republican.
58: Rep. Rob Orr, Republican, faces Democrat Greg Kauffman.
59: Rep. Sid Miller, Republican, faces Democrats Ernie Casbeer and James Vickery.
60: Rep. Jim Keffer, Republican, faces Democrat David Shupp.
61: Rep. Phil King, Republican, faces primary challenge from Joe Tison and Democrat Charles Randolph.
62: Rep. Larry Phillips, Republican, faces Democrat Pete Veeck.
63: Rep. Tan Parker, Republican, faces Democrat Jesus Carrillo.
64: Rep. Myra Crownover, Republican, faces Democrat John McClellan.
65: Rep. Burt Solomons, Republican, no Democrat.
66: Rep. Brian McCall (Craddick challenger), Republican, no Democrat.
67: Rep. Jerry Madden, Republican, faces primary challenger Jon Cole but no Democrat.
68: Rep. Rick Hardcastle, Republican, no Democrat.
69: Rep. David Farabee, Democrat, no Republican.
70: Rep. Ken Paxton, Republican, no Democrat.
71: Rep. Susan King, Republican, no Democrat.
72: Rep. Drew Darby, Republican, no Democrat.
73: Rep. Nathan Macias, Republican, faces primary challengers Dan Boone and Doug Miller but no Democrat.
74: Rep. Pete Gallego, Democrat, faces Repbulican Thomas Kincaid Jr.
75: Rep. Chente Quintanilla, Democrat, faces Republican Charlie Garza.
76: Rep. Norma Chavez, Democrat, home free.
77: Rep. Paul Moreno, Democrat, faces primary challenger Marisa Marquez but no Republican.
78: Rep. Pat Haggerty, Republican, faces primary challenger Dee Margo and Democrat Louis Irwin. Haggerty is challenging Margo's residential status.
79: Rep. Joe Pickett, Democrat, home free.
80: Rep. Tracy King, Democrat, home free.
81: Rep. Buddy West, Republican, faces primary challengers Jesse Gore, Tryon Lewis and Randy Rives.
82: House Speaker Tom Craddick, Republican, faces Democrat Bill Dingus.
83: Rep. Delwin Jones, Republican, faces primary challenger Joe Hnatek but no Democrat.
84: Rep. Carl Isett, Republican, home free.
85: Rep. Joe Heflin, Democrat, faces Republican Isaac Castro.
86: Rep. John Smithee, Republican, faces Democrat James Wood.
87: Rep. David Swinford, Republican, no Democrat.
88: Rep. Warren Chisum, Republican, home free.
89: Rep. Jodie Laubenberg, Republican, home free.
90: Rep. Lon Burnam, Democrat, faces Republican Larry Keilberg.
91: Rep. Kelly Hancock, Republican, faces Democrat Chris Utchell.
92: Rep. Todd Smith, Republican, faces Democrat Kalandra Wheeler.
93: Rep. Paula Pierson, Democrat, faces Republican Bill Burch.
94: Rep. Diane Patrick, Republican, no Democrat.
95: Rep. Marc Veasey, Democrat, no Republican.
96: Rep. Bill Zedler, Republican, faces primary challenger Lee Jackson and Democrat Chris Turner.
97: Rep. Dan Barrett, Democrat, faces Republicans Bob Leonard, Clint Roberts and Mark Shelton.
98: Rep. Vicki Truitt, Republican, faces newly switched Democrat Nancy Moffat.
99: Rep. Charlie Geren, Republican, faces primary challenger Tom Annunziato and Democrat Shelia Ford-Henderson.
100: Rep. Terri Hodge, Democrat, no Republican.
101: Rep. Thomas Latham, Republican, faces primary challenger Mike Anderson and Democrat Robert Miklos.
102: Rep. Tony Goolsby, Republican, faces Democrat Carol Kent.
103: Rep. Rafael Anchia, Democrat, no Republican.
104: Rep. Roberto Alonzo, Democrat, faces primary challenger Harry Trujillo.
105: Rep. Linda Harper-Brown, Republican, faces Democrats Jim Rea and Rob Romano.
106: Rep. Kirk England, switched Democrat, faces Republican Karen Wiegman.
107: Rep. Allen Vaught, Democrat, faces Republican Bill Keffer in rematch.
108: Rep. Dan Branch, Republican, faces Democrat Emil Reichstadt.
109: Rep. Helen Giddings, Democrat, no Republican.
110: Rep. Barbara Mallory Caraway, Democrat, home free.
111: Rep. Yvonne Davis, Democrat, no Republican.
112: (open seat Fred Hill) Republicans Angie Button, Randy Dunning and Jim Shepherd v. Democrat Sandra Vule.
113: Rep. Joe Driver, Republican, faces Democrat Eric Brandler.
114: Rep. Will Hartnett, Republican, no Democrat.
115: Rep. Jim Jackson, Republican, no Democrat.
116: Rep. Trey Martinez Fischer, Democrat, no Republican.
117: Rep. David Leibowitz, Democrat, faces Republican John Garza.
118: Rep. Joe Farias, Democrat, faces Republican Don Green.
119: (open seat Robert Puente) Roland Gutierrez, Democrat, is home free.
120: Rep. Ruth Jones McClendon, Democrat, home free.
121: Rep. Joe Straus, Republican, no Democrat.
122: Rep. Frank Corte, Republican, faces primary challenger Tony Kosub and democrat Frances Carnot.
123: Rep. Mike Villarreal, Democrat, home free.
124: Rep. Jose Menendez, Democrat, home free.
125: Rep. Joaquin Castro, Democrat, home free.
126: Rep. Patricia Harless, Republican, faces Democrat Chad Khan.
127: Rep. Joe Crabb, Republican, faces primary challengers Martin Basaldua and David Davenport and Democrats Joe Montemayor and Diane Trautman.
128: Rep. Wayne Smith, Republican, home free.
129: Rep. John Davis, Republican, faces primary challenger Jon Keeney and Democrat Sherrie Matula.
130: Rep. Corbin Van Arsdale, Republican, faces primary challenger Allen Fletcher.
131: Rep. Alma Allen, Democrat, home free.
132: Rep. Bill Callegari, Republican, no Democrat.
133: Rep. Jim Murphy, Republican, in rematch with Democrt Kristi Thibaut.
134: Rep. Ellen Cohen, Democrat, faces Republican Joe Agris.

Note: The Harris County GOP page lists a second challenger, Carlos Obando, as well.

135: Rep. Gary Elkins, Republican, faces Democrat Trey Fleming.
136: Rep. Beverly Woolley, Republican, no Democrat.
137: Rep. Scott Hochberg, Democrat, no Republican.
138: Rep. Dwayne Bohac, Republican, faces democrat Virginia McDavid.
139: Rep. Sylvester Turner, Democrat, home free.
140: Rep. Kevin Bailey, Democrat, faces primary challenger Armando Walle.
141: Rep. Senfronia Thompson, Democrat, faces Republican Michael Bunch.
142: Rep. Harold Dutton, Democrat, home free.
143: Rep. Ana Hernandez, Democrat, faces Republican Dorothy Olmos.
144: (open seat Robert Talton) Republicans John Hughey, Ken Legler and Fred Roberts face Democrat Joel Raymond.
145: (open seat Rick Noriega) Democrats Carol Alvarado and Elias De La Garza face Republican Patricia Rodriguez.
146: Rep. Borris Miles, Democrat, faces Al Edwards in rematch.
147: Rep. Garnet Coleman, Democrat, no Republican.
148: Rep. Jessica Farrar, Democrat, faces primary challenger Jose Medrano and Republican Howard Gano Jr.
149: Rep. Hubert Vo, Democrat, faces Republican Greg Meyers.
150: Rep. Debbie Riddle, Republican, no Democrat.

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