January 08, 2008
Houston City Council Committee Assignments

2008-2009 Committee assignments have been made by the Mayor. Here are the Chairs:

Budget and Fiscal Affairs: Anne Clutterbuck
Ethics: Anne Clutterbuck
Flooding and Drainage: M.J. Khan
Housing and Community Development: Jolanda Jones
Human Services and Technology Access: Jarvis Johnson
International Liaison and Protocol: M.J. Khan
M/WBE, Small Contractor Development and Contract Compliance: Adrian Garcia
Pension Review: Pam Holm
Public Safety and Homeland Security: Melissa Noriega
Quality of Life: Pam Holm
Regulation, Development and Neighborhood Protection: Toni Lawrence
Sustainable Growth: Peter Brown
Transportation, Infrastructure and Aviation: Sue Lovell

Interesting that out of the brand new Councilmembers that were sworn in on Jan. 2nd - Sullivan, Rodriguez, Jones and Adams - only Jolanda Jones was assigned to chair a committee. Melissa Noriega, the next newest addition to Council got a plum assignment in Public Safety and Homeland Security. Where in the World is Ron Green? No chair assignment; no Mayor Pro Tem.

Want to contact one of these folks? Keep this page bookmarked. Click on any name to get bio, phone and email addresss.

UPDATE: NewsWatch comments on the winners and losers.

Posted by Martha Griffin on January 08, 2008 to Local politics