January 09, 2008
Candidate interview: Diane Trautman

Note: This entry is part of a series of recorded interviews with non-judicial candidates in contested Democratic primaries. I am also doing written Q&As with judicial candidates.

I'm kicking off my series of recorded interviews with a conversation with Diane Trautman, who is running for Harris County Tax Assessor. You may recall Trautman from 2006 as a candidate for HD127, where she significantly overperformed that very red district's Democratic index. Her announcement that she was launching this bid instead of her expected rematch against Rep. Joe Crabb was a surprise to many, but a very pleasant one, in my opinion.

Here's the interview, in MP3 format as always. I've got a bunch of these lined up, with candidates for State Rep, Congress, countywide office, and more. Enjoy!


Jim Wrotenbery, candidate for 125th District Court (Civil)

Posted by Charles Kuffner on January 09, 2008 to Election 2008