February 27, 2008
Endorsement watch: Standing up for Borris

Rep. Scott Hochberg understands the stakes in this year's primary election.

I realize that a lot of people are unhappy with Rep. Miles. I don't blame anyone for feeling disappointed in him. But Miles represented his district well, he voted right on the issues, and most importantly, he's anti-Craddick. Returning Al Edwards to Austin is a huge step backwards. We can't afford that, and Rep. Hochberg understands that. I'm glad to see him stand up for that by standing up for Rep. Miles. We can deal with any further issues later, if needed, once Rep. Miles wins the primary.

And though this has nothing to do with endorsements, here's some news from the campaign of Rep. Paul Moreno about his Craddickite opponent.

Marisa Marquez' latest campaign finance report shows she has taken $20,717.27 from Republican donors and special interests groups in the last 31 days, further questioning her Democratic credentials and tying her ever closer to Tom Craddick. This brings the total amount of contributions Marquez has received from Republican donors to $25,217.27.

"Marisa Marquez has shown time and again that when it's time to live up to her campaign rhetoric, she falls short every time," stated Roger Garza, spokesperson for the Paul Moreno campaign. "How can voters honestly expect to believe that she is not a Craddick Democrat when Marquez consistently takes money from Tom Craddick's staunchest supporters?"

The $20,217.27 that Marquez has taken from Republican donors and special interest groups represents over half of her campaign contributions from January 25- February 22. The list includes a who's who of El Paso Republicans, including Robert "Bob" Hoy, Paul Foster, and Woody Hunt. Additionally, Republican special-interest group, Texans for Lawsuit Reform has donated over $14,000 in that same time span."

"With her acceptance of contributions from Texans for Lawsuit Reform, Marisa Marquez has shown herself to stand on the wrong side of consumer protection issues," continued Garza. "Marquez would rather put the profits of neglectful corporations ahead of the rights of local El Paso consumers."

The Paul Moreno campaign reported raising $46,930.12 in that same period. Their largest contributors included the House Democratic Campaign Committee, Fred Loya, Texas AFT, AT&T PAC, the Communication Workers of American, and Mikal Watts.

That report is here if you're curious. The choice here is clear as well.

Meanwhile, back on the endorsement front, Poll Dancing has a nice roundup of Presidential nods. Just curious: Did any of the West Texas papers give a recommendation? I haven't seen one yet.

Finally, I have been informed that the Chron's editorial board was still doing candidate screening sessions as recently as yesterday, so it is possible that we'll see more endorsements from them before it's all over, hopefully before everyone in the county has cast their votes. You can add another 16,000 Democrats from Tuesday to the total, meaning we're at 95,000 Dems, and 29,000 Republicans, with three more days of this to go. We could easily be at 150,000 Dems by the end of early voting, maybe more, which will make my original prognistication of 250,000 total seem conservative. Let me just say again: Wow!

Posted by Charles Kuffner on February 27, 2008 to Election 2008
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