March 05, 2008
Democratic primary results

Some good, some not so good...

Hillary Clinton overcame an early vote deficit to win Texas. Delegate results are here (PDF) - she leads the Senate district delegates 63-62. Caucus results will take some time. Obama won Harris County with 57%.

Over 2.8 million votes were cast, beating the high end estimates as well as John Kerry's 2004 general election total. Wow.

Rick Noriega won outright in that four-way race with 51%. No runoff!

There will be a runoff for Railroad Commissioner, as Mark Thompson came out of nowhere to collect 48% of the vote. He'll go up against Dale Henry for that slot.

Sam Houston won easily, Linda Yanez won a close on for the State Supreme Court.

Larry Joe Doherty cruised to a win over Dan Grant in CD10, with 61% of the vote.

Joe Jaworski took 59% of the vote in the SD11 race.

A very mixed bag in the State House. Good results:

Jessica Farrar, Garnet Coleman, and Carol Alvarado win easily. Armando Walle overcame an absentee vote deficit to win with 57% over Kevin Bailey. Donnie Dippel, the strongest candidate to retain Robbie Cook's seat in HD17, won big.

Bad results:

Al Edwards won his rematch against Borris Miles with 61%. Craddick Ds Dawnna Dukes, Kino Flores, and Aaron Pena hung on. Incumbents Juan Escobar and Paul Moreno lost, the former to a real DINO. In these races, Tom Craddick got a nice return on his investments here. (He didn't do as well on the Republican side, oddly enough.)

And in the closest State House race of the day, Dora Olivo scraped by to hold off Ron Reynolds, with a 200 vote lead out of 29,000 ballots cast.

Moving to Harris County, David Mincberg (75%), Diane Trautman (69%), and Adrian Garcia (59% in a three-way race) all won by wide margins.

There will be one local countywide runoff, for District Court 80, where Marc Isenberg and Larry Weiman nosed out Tanner Garth. Other results:

125th - Kyle Carter won big over Jim Wrotenbery. Carter spent a ton, and got the result to show for it.

152nd - Bob Schaffer beat David Melasky.

174th - Ruben Guerrero beat Lloyd Oliver.

190th - In the closest race of the night, Bruce Mosier edged Andres Pereira, winning with 50.48% of the vote Andres Pereira barely nipped Bruce Mosier, winning by less than 300 votes out of over 200,000 cast. (Note: I had this wrong originally due to differences in the County Clerk's returns pages.)

215th - Steve Kirkland beat Fred Cook.

351st - Mekisha Murray beat Silvia Pubchara.

All incumbent constables and JPs won, including Dale Gorczynski over Harold Landreneau. The one other runoff will be for JP Precinct 8, Place 1, between Dee Wright and Jeff Heintschel.

And finally, Dexter Handy won the County Commissioner, Precinct 3 nomination, while in Fort Bend County, Richard Morrison led the field of five for County Commissioner, Precinct 1, with 37%.

On to the GOP side.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on March 05, 2008 to Election 2008


Thanks for always keeping us informed...I will say though that you misreported the 190th...Andres Pereira actually edged Bruce Mosier by 268 votes.

Posted by: Jerry on March 5, 2008 12:59 PM
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