May 01, 2008
Still more me on your TV

Tonight at 7:30 PM Central time, those of you who get KNCT, the PBS station in Central Texas, can see me on your TV - once again in a suit and tie - as a guest on Mary Beth Harrell's talk show Insight Texas. The good news - or bad news, depending on your perspective - is that even those of you who don't get KNCT can still watch me do my talking head act, as the show will be shown on the Insight website - look here for that; it may not be there immediately, but I presume it will be there eventually. In addition to that, there's a behind the scenes webcast, which now has a brief discussion on how the lighting for the show is done but will later show us panelists eating donuts and answering more questions.

The other panelists on this episode were Lynn Woolley, who played the Evil Conservative to my Bearded Liberal, and the fabulous Karen Brooks of the Dallas Morning News. It was fun, and as it was filmed several weeks ago, before my local PBS appearance, technically would count as my first TV gig. So tune and say that you knew me when.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on May 01, 2008 to Other punditry
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