January 13, 2007
Hoffman: Objectively pro-gambling

I don't normally expect to see anything remotely political in Ken Hoffman's column, but this time is an exception.

There's a proposal floating around Austin that would expand legalized gambling in Texas.


Now I say to the Legislature the same thing I was screaming at the Houston Texans all season:

Pass it!

I could list all the potential benefits of legalizing casino gambling, like $3.2 billion in tax revenues for the state, with $1.6 billion helping send kids to college. Cities and counties would get $800 million. Thousands of people, including Wayne Newton, would find work in Texas.

Danke Shoen. You're welcome.

But the main reason the Legislature should pass casino gambling is ... people want it. Gambling is fun. It's exciting. It's a way to increase tax dollars without people squawking about it.

The revenue arguments are a load of hooey, but I applaud Hoffman for trying to make a case for gambling on its merits rather than on that haggard old nag. It's the one argument I might favor, mostly because it's at least honest. None of that will have any real impact on the actual politics of gambling, but I try to keep it in mind for when the gambling interests finally do get that license to print money they've been salivating over for so many years. It'll be a small consolation, but it'll be all I'll get so I may as well take it.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on January 13, 2007 to Budget ballyhoo

Hoffman: Gambling already is legal, so it's not a moral question.

Replace the word Gambling with the word Abortion or The Death Penalty and notice how absurd Hoffman logic starts to sound.

Hoffman: But the main reason the Legislature should pass casino gambling is ... people want it. Gambling is fun. It's exciting.

Where is Hoffman drawing his conclusions?

Sounds like Hoffman is moonlighting as a lobbyist.

Hoffman: Besides, gambling is practically everywhere else

Reminds me of the teenager whining for a privelege. So if everyone jumped off a cliff, you would too?

Hoffman: I know, there are many problems attached to legalized gambling. I've seen the crime statistics.

Yes, and what about the organized crime statistics while you're at it?

Then maybe our convention centers would be used for, whoa, conventions!

Those conventions would have Janet Jackson suing Harris County for her excessive modesty.

Posted by: Charles Hixon on January 13, 2007 1:25 PM