January 26, 2007
How much do you like beer?

Wanna be a tour guide at the Saint Arnold brewery? Houstonist tells you how and why:

Brewery tours are held each Saturday at one o'clock in the PM. Volunteer duties include handing out those nifty wooden beer tokens, pouring brews and cleaning up after the tourees. The perks include discounts, exclusive event invites and of course enjoying a tasty beverage or seven at the conclusion of each tour.

The catch is that all volunteers must attend a TABC course. The next one is at the brewery on Tuesday, the 30th. It'll cost you $25 and take four hours of your time to have an instructor tell you to use common sense about serving folks, as in if they drink to much and hurt themselves you and the establishment may be liable. There's other lessons, too, but that's the main one.

Contact the brewery if you're interested and have some Saturdays to spare. Be sure to let us know if you need help polishing off a sixer.

Saint Arnold Brewing Company
[email protected]

If you really like beer (and you know who you are if you do), this is a sweet deal. Go forth and help spread the joy.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on January 26, 2007 to Food, glorious food