February 26, 2007
The Sugar Land option for the Dynamo

If the Dynamo don't come to an agreement with Houston for a stadium location, then one possible landing point for them is Sugar Land.

"Sugar Land is very viable for us," [team president Oliver] Luck said. "The discussions we've had with the city of Sugar Land and the economic development officials there at the city all have been very positive."

Sugar Land Mayor David Wallace said it's too early to determine if his city is the ideal fit for the Dynamo.

"We need to look at a number of issues ranging from economic impact to cost to traffic to a number of other infrastructural issues," Wallace said.

"Those are some things that we will continue to look at as we move forward on these discussions."

A self-described "big soccer fan," Wallace said he is interested in the city continuing its talks with the Dynamo. He attended several of the team's games this past season.

"Everything is very preliminary at this point in time," Wallace said. "From their perspective, it's exploratory. They're wanting to make sure that they get the best economic arrangement."

A potential site for a stadium could be on 52 acres along the Brazos River that is the near the University of Houston System at Sugar Land, City Councilman Michael Schiff said.

The city doesn't own the property, but has a 99-year lease with the university for it, he said.

Seven acres already have been designated for a future city recreation center, Schiff said.

"Obviously, we could do some sort of a venue there," Schiff said. "We have the space for it. That would be probably the only clearly identifiable area that could even be considered because you have issues of traffic, congestion, noise, security and all sorts of things related to a stadium."

Schiff is interested in the Dynamo potentially building a stadium in Sugar Land, but said he is also realistic about the possibility.

"To have a major league championship team come here, I think it would be very exciting," he said. "There are a lot of issues though. Just because it would be exciting and seems like a great opportunity and just because we have a particular place that might accommodate it, doesn't mean we can bring all the factors together."

Whatever. It'll be interesting to see what kind of package the self-professed "fiscally conservative city" of Sugar Land puts together for this if they're serious. I've said before that I'd rather the team stays here, but I've no interest in a bidding war. If Sugar Land or some other suburb breaks the bank for them, I say God bless and good luck. Just please make sure a name change, from the Houston Dynamo to the your-suburb-here Dynamo, is part of the deal. Thanks to Metroblogging Houston for the link.

UPDATE: Juanita and The Muse are not impressed.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on February 26, 2007 to Other sports

Just please make sure a name change, from the Houston Dynamo to the your-suburb-here Dynamo, is part of the deal.


The Dallas club is in Frisco and retains the Dallas name.

Posted by: kevin whited on February 26, 2007 7:57 AM

If the New York Giants and Jets as well as Red Bull New York (the MLS franchise) can play their home games in New Jersey, the Houston Dynamo should be able to keep their name.

Posted by: William Hughes on February 26, 2007 2:32 PM

Kevin - Just my personal preference. I'd call the Dallas-area team the Frisco Whatevers if it came up in conversation.

William - For years, my dad has referred to the Buffalo Bills as New York's only football team. Now you know where I get it from. :-)

Posted by: Charles Kuffner on February 26, 2007 7:42 PM