March 06, 2007
A radio blast from the past

I have confessed on this space before to having been a Stevens and Pruett fan from the good old days of 101 KLOL. I still think the decline and fall of that station can be traced to the breakup of their longstanding morning duo. I've moved on, and maybe I wouldn't find them as amusing today as I did when I was a shallow twentysomething single guy - and Lord knows I wouldn't let Olivia listen to them as we drive to preschool - but I do miss them from the scene.

Well, thanks to the magic of the Internet, you can hear these guys again. According to an email I received yesterday, they appeared as guests on the Internet radio station DXS Radio. Quoting from the email:

Their [last] Wednesday on-air "talk fest" was a hilarious, 45-minute trip down memory lane. They talked about being partners since the early seventies, the insanity behind the scenes at the Stevens & Pruett Show, the glory days of KLOL and of course, how commercial radio has changed over the past five years or so.

I imagine they'd have a few good stories to tell. Sorry I missed it - I'll have to check and see if they've got this in podcast form. In the meantime, Stevens and their former sidekick/newsreader Laurie Kendrick will be on this morning at 10 (which is to say, right about now). If you're looking for a little morning nostalgia, check it out.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on March 06, 2007 to Music