April 03, 2007
I accept your offer

PSoTD says:

Just an experiment. Using an edited version of Avedon Carol's blogroll, below are a list of blogs that I would appreciate being blogrolled from, and that I think the content here is appropriate to be blogrolled from on a regular basis. And I'd provide a link back, obviously. I'm mostly curious as to whether anyone will salute such an approach - you know, blog barter diplomacy.

Consider me saluting. After all the hoohah surrounding Blogroll Amnesty Day (about which I have no real complaint, even though I was excised from a couple of high-profile 'rolls), it's nice to see someone taking the alternate approach. Besides, PSoTD had linked to a couple of my posts recently, so this was easily done.

Also added to the sidebar: the new blog of local radio personality Laurie Kendrick, formerly with Rock 101 KLOL, now unfortunately dealing with unemployment. I have many fond memories of Laurie during her stint with the Stevens and Pruett Show, so I'm glad to welcome her to the blogosphere. (She also had the good taste to blogroll me, which is nice.)

Finally, I realized that I had failed to include Booman Tribune and SciGuy on my sidebar. There was no particularly good reason for either of these to have been omitted. Both oversights have now been corrected.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on April 03, 2007 to Blog stuff

Thanks Charles - I have blogrolled OtK as well. Much appreciated!

Posted by: PSoTD on April 3, 2007 6:54 AM