April 19, 2007
The day without BlackBerry

Thankfully, yesterday's unpleasantness turned out to be not so bad. One of our servers hadn't reconnected after RIM's switchover at their network operations center, so we had to reboot it. As noted in my comment at Dwight's place, we had to help some people reregister with their wireless networks - I had to do that for my own device as well. Oddly, somewhere along the line it lost its ability to sync deleted emails with Outlook. I fixed that today (for the techies who might care, I re-sent the service books to my handheld; it's good to be the administrator sometimes). A few calls, a few emails, some communication with the help desk and second-line support - all in all, it could've been much worse. If these things are going to happen, best that they do so at night, when our usage level is lower.

It's amusing that Dwight heard about the outage via someone else's Twitter page. I had my first inkling of the scope of the problem from an email I got on a mailing list that has nothing whatsoever to do with technology. Like it or not, BlackBerry has really permeated our society. Which can be annoying sometimes, but like cellphones and other sometimes-obnoxious technology, it ain't going away.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on April 19, 2007 to Technology, science, and math

Perhaps there was an advantage of the outage ~ we learned if we should call our own device our blackberry or crackberry.

Posted by: Larissa on April 19, 2007 2:56 PM