May 12, 2007
Forty-one cents

Get ready for another postage increase on Monday.

Come Monday, postage for a first-class letter will rise to 41 cents. The last increase also was a 2-cent bump in January 2006.

For Mary Bermudez, 67, standing in line at the downtown Post Office Thursday, mailing is her communication method of choice since she isn't computer-savvy.

"The first stamp I can remember was a 3-cent stamp," Bermudez said. "It has gone up so many times. It's really ridiculous. Oh, well."

Bermudez had come to buy 2-cent stamps to use with leftover 39 cent stamps. She also bought a supply of the USPS' new "forever stamp."

The forever stamp, available since April 12, can be used regardless of future price hikes.

It proved a popular buy for customers at the 401 Franklin post office Thursday.

Yes, the forever stamp. Great idea, if you ask me. This isn't bad, either:

Andrew T. Gardener was purchasing rolls of new stamps Thursday.

He suggested the post office sell advertising on stamps similar to billion-dollar businesses like McDonald's.

"It would save the consumer. It's worth a try," Gardener said. "I think they need to be creative to come up with ideas to subsidize the cost."

Hey, if they cost a few pennies less, I'd buy corporate-sponsored stamps. I bet quite a few other folks would, too.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on May 12, 2007 to National news