June 04, 2007
Fox versus Crosby update

Last week I wrote about how a Fox 26 investigative report used some bad math to make the small Houston suburb of Crosby look like a hive of sex offenders. After I posted that, I heard via email that they were going to broadcast an update to that story last Thursday night on the 9 PM broadcast. I didn't get that email till Friday morning, so I didn't get to see that broadcast for myself, and the only thing I've found on their webpage relating to Crosby is this correction from May 24 that gave the same city limits versus ZIP code explanation I referenced in my earlier post. Far as I know, that's where this now stands. If anyone happened to watch the Thursday, May 31 Fox 26 news broadcast at 9 PM, please leave a comment and let us know if the subject of the Crosby story came up. Thanks.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on June 04, 2007 to Crime and Punishment