July 04, 2007
Happy Fourth!

Happy Fourth of July on behalf of myself and I'm sure Kuff as well. This week, my feed reader has been full of calls for impeachment and a general lack of patriotism. I know a lot of us have a difficult time being proud of what's going on in Washington (or Austin, or downtown), but this post by Rick Overton at Huffington Post caught my eye because it offered a slightly different perspective:

I love my little Honda Civic. If out of nowhere a psycho steals my car and rams an outdoor café, killing innocent people, I'll be devastated to have been in any way connected to such a horrible thing. But of the many emotions I will feel, one of them won't be a sudden hatred of my car. Someone evil took it and did harm.

I'm not sure that I really agree with Rick, but it's food for thought while you eat hot dogs and watch fireworks. Have a delightful, safe (and hopefully dry) holiday, everyone!

Posted by Alexandria Ragsdale on July 04, 2007 to Skepticism