July 06, 2007
Send Bush A Birthday Card

He turns 61 today. I read that he had his party on Wednesday with family and friends in attendance, along with golfers who were in town for the AT&T National. One of them gave him a golf bag with the presidential seal. I got flashbacks to those crocs the President wore with the presidential seal socks. Yuk. (Gossip: I saw one of my favorite local politicians in crocs recently. I suggest he ditch those before his next statewide run! Not a good fashion statement.)

Anyway, you can send a birthday "greeting" to Bush here. Of course, the RNC wants you to donate, but you can have a big time with those birthday messages without spending a dime.

Have at it!

Posted by Martha Griffin on July 06, 2007 to National news

I was thinking of getting him a bucket of big, salty, crumbly pretzels.

Posted by: merci_me on July 6, 2007 10:34 PM