August 06, 2007
Last chance to speak out for the River Oaks Shopping Center

Houstonist has the scoop.

Tuesday, August 7 at 2pm is the last chance for the public to speak about the pending historic landmark status of the River Oaks Shopping Center, River Oaks Theater, Alabama Shopping Center, and Alabama Theater in front of City Council. Members of the public must sign up to speak by 12pm Tuesday by calling the City Secretary (dial "311"), and people who have already spoken to City Council on this issue may not do so tomorrow. Those who are added to the list will only have one minute to speak.

This preservation measure was tagged by Council Member Addie Wiseman last Wednesday which delayed the vote until tomorrow, August 8th, which is ironically the same day Weingarten can legally begin demolition of the northern, curved section. If the measure is passed, it looks like the River Oaks Shopping Center will be the martyr for Houston preservation since the (effectually meaningless) landmark status would be granted during or after demolition.

  • Tuesday, August 7th, 2pm:
    Public hearing at City Hall, 900 Bagby, 2nd floor

  • Wednesday, August 8th:
    Weingarten to begin demolition of northern curved part of River Oaks Shopping Center; City Council to vote on historic landmark designation.

  • Wednesday, August 8th, 5pm:
    River Oaks wake at River Oaks Theater upstairs bar, hosted by Save our Landmarks

As I drove by the shopping center this afternoon, I saw that the storefronts were now fenced off, and a smallish bulldozer sat in the parking lot, inside the fence. You could see the sands in its hourglass slipping away. I'll see if I can take another picture before the demolition starts.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on August 06, 2007 to Elsewhere in Houston