September 16, 2007
Christie departs, Tahir stays

We already knew that the luckless Jack Christie had dropped out of the race for City Council At Large #5. As things stand right now, he'll be the only one to depart.

Christie's departure could create an opening for candidate Tom Nixon, a former police officer who was competing with Christie for Republican votes in the citywide election to replace term-limited Councilman Michael Berry.

"I would like to applaud Jack Christie for choosing an honorable path worthy of his past public service," Nixon said Saturday in a written statement. "However, there can be no doubt about the residency of those elected to serve on Houston City Council. Residency is a basic and important requirement."

Nixon also called on [Zaf] Tahir to leave to the race.

"Mr. Tahir should end his campaign and let the people of Houston know he cares about true and honest representation on City Council."

Tahir owns a home in Fort Bend County, where he has lived with his wife and two sons for several years. But in November, as the residency deadline approached, Tahir leased a condominium near Sharpstown Center. He later purchased the property for $45,000.

Tahir said Saturday he was sorry to hear about Christie's departure from the race. He said he wouldn't follow him, however. "I am a Houstonian," he said. "Houston is where my heart and mind is."

Tahir, who said he plans to move his family to Houston at some point, noted that he has paid city property taxes on various properties since 1990.

"I feel that the discussion should now move back to issues facing Houston," he said.

You know how I feel about this. Again, I'm not surprised by Nixon's prominence in these stories, as Christie's decision to leave is the best thing that could have happened to his campaign. My guess is that barring any new revelations about Tahir or any other candidate, this story is on its last legs. I don't think anyone's going to pursue filing a complaint to force Tahir off the ballot. But we'll see. Greg has more.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on September 16, 2007 to Election 2007

THANK YOU! for putting some (practical) reality sense into all these discussions regarding the candidates for Nov. '07 Houston City Council Elections.

You are so right about the need to know more about these candidates. It has been pretty much 'guilty until proven innocent' rhetoric on Tahir. How many of us have put in any time to figure out what the candidate stands for and how his past track record looks like. Also, thanks for pointing out the Khan situation in Dist F where apparently he has done a job good enough that he will be unopposed for this 3rd term.

Let's figure out where Tahir stands on issues like crime so our families can feel safer, jobs so we can provide for our families and our children have a better future, the roads and traffic so we can spend less time on the roads and more at home, the escalating utility bills, and a whole bunch others.

To me it looks like Tahir has views and plans. Let's hear these and ask questions. That is what is best about this campaign process - we get to ask questions, hear the answers and then make our minds up on who we want to lead our city. Let's invite Tahir to neighborhood meetings, community halls and put him to test. Then we can make what ever decision we think is right!

Posted by: Watchq on September 16, 2007 11:46 AM

Zafar Tahir is the best candidate in the race. He's the only one speaking directly to the issues.

Posted by: Marie on September 16, 2007 1:24 PM